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1 Added Argument Why I'm buying a Nazi pistol
1 Added Argument people should live in whatever country they want
2 Added Argument Transgenders?
2 Added Argument CNN’s Erin Burnett: Iranians chanting ‘Death To America’ are very friendly people
3 Added Argument MSNBC spreads Iranian Propaganda
1 Added Argument The Democrats must meet this Brainless Gun Control advocate
1 Added Argument Democrats have set a new record in Baltimore
1 Added Argument Why does Israel think it is entitled to the land of Israel?
1 Added Argument Why is Donald Trump so envied by small minded left wing bigots.
1 Added Argument Which of the 15 Democratic candidates should be chosen to lose to Donald Trump in 2020?
-1 Downvoted Argument Alyssa Milano is one Crazy Democrat
-1 Downvoted Argument
-1 Downvoted Argument Alyssa Milano is one Crazy Democrat
1 Added Argument Why are Americans so politically divided at present?
4 Added Argument Alyssa Milano is one Crazy Democrat
1 Added Argument Should we replace the word, "abortion" with the term, "assisted suicide"
9 Added Argument Democrats panic over surge in Conservative Judges
1 Added Argument People who hate the poor, a public shamfest!
1 Added Argument What happens if Trump gets impeached and then he is re-elected?
1 Added Argument Trump is going DOWN
2 Added Argument Seattle hires Transgender Stripper to perform at Homeless Strategy Conference
-1 Downvoted Argument Democrats did CNN drop the shooting in Florida because it was a Muslim
1 Added Argument Democrats warn Virginia Sheriffs refusing to enforce Gun-Control Laws
1 Added Argument Some say socialism is a RESOURSE based society. What's a "resource"?

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