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2 Added Argument Where did Americans get the idea that the flu was way worse than Coronavirus
1 Added Argument When cops stay home, you are your own police
1 Added Argument Vox Deletes January 31st Tweet About Coronavirus Downplaying its seriousness
1 Added Argument Have you Democrats run out of Toilet Paper yet
4 Added Argument Here is the level of trash that the left wing media is
1 Added Argument Democrats panicking, pandemic helping Trump, Joe Biden vanished
1 Added Argument Which is the best path to Socialism, democratic or revolutionary change?
1 Added Argument Does Free Speech Extend To The Right To Deliberately Deceive Others?
1 Added Argument I have found the toilet paper Democrats need for the Wuhan
1 Added Argument Damn how much of that White Racist toilet paper do the Democrats need
3 Added Argument Has Anybody Tried To Buy Toilet Roll Recently?
1 Added Argument ANTIFA isn't fascist due 2 the name. National Socialists are Socialists then
1 Added Argument If a burglar is IN your house, would closing the door STOP him from robbing you blind?
4 Added Argument So, Trumpers.... Is he STILL your man??
1 Added Argument Coronavirus enters the US through all of the leftist hotspots
1 Added Argument If a RISING DOW means Trump is doing good, what does a FALLING DOW mean?
1 Added Argument Why Are Americans So Disproportionately Stupid?
2 Added Argument Biden is a figurehead to hand over power to his running mate due to health reaso
1 Added Argument The problem with the Justice System concerning politics is it can't be blind
1 Added Argument Biden is a figurehead to hand over power to his running mate due to health reaso
1 Added Argument Left wing people love misery because it gets them attention
1 Added Argument Does Communism/Socialism give you freedom of choice?
2 Added Argument When does the left think it becomes Trump's economy?
1 Added Argument Islamic country threatens to unleash Coronavirus infected migrants into Europe

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