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HighFalutin's Reward Points: 3202

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1 Added Argument CEO is speaking out against Twitter's & other social media censorship.
1 Added Argument Stop blaming everyone for all of your problems!!!
2 Added Argument Proof that Black Lives Matter and Antifa, are terrorist, organizations.
1 Added Argument Teachers are better than farmers
2 Added Argument Lockdown restrictions to limit the spread of coronavirus are justified.
1 Added Argument Given the early voting, a human wave is building. Will it be for Trump or Biden?
1 Added Argument If COVID doesn't kill Trump - what does that say about COVID?
1 Added Argument Why do Liberals use Hitler's catch phrases?
-1 Downvoted Argument Has Trump lost voters with the new tax leak scandal?
-1 Downvoted Argument
1 Added Argument Do you blame the liberals for everything
1 Added Argument What defines humanity?

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