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1 Added Argument Who is to blame for Muslims being able to call a halt to 'free speech' in a free country?
1 Added Argument Is the right just there for the left to scapegoat away from their own failed system
1 Added Argument Why is a belief in science declining in right wingers, and ascending with the left?
1 Added Argument Should the Black African States send aid to Germany in their hour of need?
1 Added Argument should student be allowed to use cell phone in school?
1 Added Argument Is Citizenship at Birth a Fair Policy?
1 Added Argument Illinois Democrat Congressperson says Hitler was right
2 Added Argument Why did the left stop their big movement to stop anti Asian hate crimes?
1 Added Argument If you're vaccinated or if you're not, can you articulate why?
1 Added Argument Why are the Democrats being allowed to run America into the ground?
2 Added Argument What should be done, if anything to stem the tsunami of illegal immigrants into the U.S.A?
1 Added Argument White Christian supremacy vs a fully multi-racial democracy
1 Added Argument Why can't minorities recognise that they live in the most emancipated nation on earth?
1 Added Argument Is activism a way for useless people to feel important?
5 Added Argument Let's celebrate Black people breaking away from the plantation owning white libs
1 Added Argument Why does Biden demean America on the world stage?
2 Added Argument For every major problem in the world, it can usually be trace back to the Jews
1 Added Argument Why do I see George Floyd's big ugly mug so often when I switch on TV ?
1 Added Argument BLM Activist trashes police, gets shot and killed in gang violence
1 Added Argument Why is lawlessness fostered on our southern border?
1 Added Argument What do you think of Joe Biden falling down?
1 Added Argument Still waiting for a leftist to show a clip of Trump calling for violence at the capitol
1 Added Argument Is black lives matter racist?
1 Added Argument Government should provide guns as free healthcare protection

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