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1 Added Argument Should we in America accept that our society is uncurably feral & uncivilized?
1 Added Argument Has the myth finally been debunked, that a good guy with a gun saves lives?
-1 Downvoted Argument Is there a war on cops?
1 Added Argument Is there a war on cops?
2 Added Argument Is there a war on cops?
1 Added Argument Subway went woke, now closing thousands of stores
1 Added Argument The left calls for revolution despite running almost all insitutions. Go for it.
5 Created Debate If America were a Democracy, you could teach the Bible in schools, majority rules
1 Added Argument California to Use Texas Abortion Ruling as Anti-Gun Law Model
1 Added Argument American NIH admits to funding risky research at Wuhan Lab
1 Added Argument This is just how bad the 1 percent owned media is. Orwell times 50
1 Added Argument Is it practical to sack 40% of Seattle's Police Force due to them being unvaxxed
1 Added Argument Is Cancel Culture incompatible with The Party of Inclusivity?
3 Created Debate Libs said stupid people are anti vax then blacks refused to get vaccinated
1 Added Argument Why do millions of Republican minorities not feel oppressed
1 Added Argument Did you celebrate the 445 violent crimes and 150 murders on the 4th of July?
1 Added Argument Why can't minorities recognise that they live in the most emancipated nation on earth?
1 Created Debate Who's the biggest Jew hating Fascist Nazi on here, and why is it burritolunch
2 Added Argument Gun control
-1 Downvoted Argument Media admits Russian American soldier bounty hoax was false
1 Created Debate How can Portland's mayor negotiate a cease fire for ANTIFA
1 Added Argument CIVIL WAR. LET'S GET IT ON!
-1 Downvoted Argument CIVIL WAR. LET'S GET IT ON!
-1 Downvoted Argument When you say black lives matter, why doesn't that apply to black Republicans?

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