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-1 Downvoted Argument Why is trump good or bad
-1 Downvoted Argument Why is trump good or bad
1 Added Argument What is the craziest wildlife encounter you've experienced?
1 Added Argument If the world's going to end in 12 years, we don't need free college for all
1 Added Argument Trump is NUTS! You KNOW that, right?
1 Added Argument If YOU were president, would you FIRE the LYING intelligence chiefs, or snivel about them?
5 Created Debate It's warming, it's frost quaking.
1 Added Argument Christians are better people than atheists
2 Created Debate Is self hate a character flaw?
1 Added Argument If Liberals don’t believe in biological gender
1 Added Argument We elected a billionaire to help economy, so libs elected a 1st grader
3 Added Argument If you can TUNNEL under a wall, is the wall DEFEATED? Cops found 3rd tunnel this month..
1 Added Argument 7th The US should build a $5B wall at our southern border with Mexico.
3 Added Argument Nancy hornswaggled the great negotiator AGAIN. NO State of the Union Speech. You GO, girl.
1 Added Argument Bronto Spends Two Years Attacking American University And Entertainment Culture
3 Created Debate Are Democrats poverty pimps?
1 Added Argument Mexico lets ANY American into their country WITHOUT being vetted. What's WRONG with them?
1 Created Debate Should affirmative action be applied to poor white kids?

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