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JaquelinArev's Reward Points: 41

Points When What Where
1 High Rated Argument Do you believe in God?
4 High Rated Argument Do you believe in God?
0 Added Argument Would you have participated in protests against the war in Vietnam?
0 Added Argument Do horror movies really
1 Added Argument Is tickle torture really torture?
1 Added Argument What defines good music?
0 Added Argument Who would you thaw?
5 Created Debate Suffering on earth and eternal life in heaven or no suffering and eternal life in hell?
1 Added Argument Would you die to save the human race?
1 Created Debate Do you feel like people represented God to be something he isnt?
1 Added Argument Is this really needed to preach the will of god? >_>
1 Added Argument The Christian version of God is correct.
1 Added Argument Big Bang Theory vs God's Creation
1 Added Argument Do you think that the Pope coming here will help Americans, and why?
1 Added Argument If God existed, would YOU critisise him
1 Added Argument dO yOu BeLiEvE iN jEsUs?
1 Added Argument M&Ms----SKITTLES---- JOLLY RANCHER----SNIKERS
1 Added Argument As Christians there is but one God in whom we believe BUT why isn't that enough?
1 Added Argument Faith is ignorance.
1 Added Argument Should creationism be taught in science classes in public schools?
1 Added Argument Do God's Exist?
1 Added Argument Jesus Christ: Fact or Fiction?
1 Added Argument Would You Change Your Religious Beliefs?
1 Added Argument God doesn't love us.

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