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JessyMay's Reward Points: 24

Points When What Where
5 Created Debate What do you think about student/teacher relationships? As in sexual ones.
1 Added Argument How many languages do you speak and which is your favourite?
1 Added Argument Do You Sleep Nude
1 Added Argument Are we to use death penalty?
2 Added Argument Do you agree with Buddhism? What are its advantages?
5 Created Debate Do you agree with Buddhism? What are its advantages?
1 Added Argument Atheists: Would you embrace religion if World Peace will result from it?
1 Added Argument Harry Potter VS Lord Of The Rings [books not movies!]
1 Added Argument In your opinion, what age is right for a teen to have sex?
1 Added Argument Should people use the word "Gay" as a derogatory adjective?
5 Created Debate adoption of children by homosexual couples.

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