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JoeHicks's Reward Points: 33

Points When What Where
2 Added Argument Your NEW Senator from Georgia??? NFL great, Hershal Walker..
2 Created Debate Imagine sacrificing liberalism for identity politics & gender identity ideology
2 Added Argument How should we celebrate ''PRIDE MONTH''?
1 Added Argument The false narratives that the Democrats have created
1 Added Argument If you have a spare room would you let a homeless person use it for free?
4 Created Debate The truckers have driven the leftist Fascists into full blown panic
4 Created Debate Would it be appropriate to teach children about the Democrats & lynching blacks
1 Added Argument Why is Biden always two steps behind the competition.
1 Added Argument RNC calls THIS Legitimate Political Discourse. Is it?
1 Added Argument Irony Of The Week: Trump's Social Media Platform Is Called TRUTH
-1 Downvoted Argument It's Over Between Me And Ex-Con
4 Created Debate Is it sad that people think they know your politics by your shoes?
5 Created Debate Whatever Republican wins in 2024 should flood America with Cuban refugees
1 Added Argument Excon said riots and violence are how you create change until it wasn't the left
1 Added Argument Having a good 420 day?? No?? Still puting pot smokers in jail, huh? Is that good??
1 Added Argument What's up you Idiot Progressives ?
1 Added Argument Did Conservatives or Communists unleash the lab bat virus on the world?
1 Added Argument If your political opposition's ideas sucked, wouldn't you NOT censor them?
1 Added Argument Abolish the military. Agree or do not agree?

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