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JustIgnoreMe's Reward Points: 3632

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument This just cannot fix Democrat Stupid
3 Added Argument Oklahoma has less Coronavirus deaths than any European country
1 Added Argument 2nd DNC Media Talking Head gets the Corona
2 Added Argument LOL! Ladies And Gentlemen, Your Coward Of A President...
1 Added Argument Trump Will Be Remembered For His Failure To Keep Americans Safe
1 Added Argument Republicans LOVE abortion!
1 Added Argument MSNBC’s Matthews compares Sanders victory to "Nazi Invasion"
2 Added Argument Is bodily choice, a right?
3 Added Argument Is prochoice, proabortion?
2 Added Argument The Towel Head plus 3 oppose preventing TSA from hiring Sex Offenders
2 Added Argument Democrat Jackie Speier has her some demands
-1 Downvoted Argument Democrat Jackie Speier has her some demands
4 Added Argument Now we see it is Democrats that want to be Tyrants. Go figure that !
1 Added Argument What is Islam?
1 Added Argument This is what i think of Dummy Democrats
1 Added Argument United Nations Proposes New Global Currency
1 Added Argument The Brits must stay home
1 Added Argument Democrats could help solve Coronavirus. Instead start new investigation of Trump
1 Added Argument Trump's sure and steady hand on the helm will guide us through these awful times.
2 Added Argument Gun Nuts Are Too Ignorant And Stupid To Understand Why Chicago DISPROVES Them
1 Added Argument The DOW just went over 29,000 points
1 Added Argument Democrats sure got them a very short memory but not surprising
2 Added Argument Federal Court tosses "Junk Global Warming Lawsuit by Brainwashed Kids"
-1 Downvoted Argument If your neighbor is undocumented and HAS the Coronavirus, should he be treated for free?

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