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KittenGirl's Reward Points: 144

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1 Added Argument What will you do if America goes into quarantine lockdown?
1 Added Argument What will you do if America goes into quarantine lockdown?
5 Created Debate Would a Fascist want to take your guns or to arm yourself against a fascist government?
1 Created Debate Corbyn and British left suffer worst defeat since 1937
1 Created Debate Leftists are Nazi racists
1 Added Argument Do conservatives, hate the poor?
1 Added Argument Do you support Bernie Sanders for President?
5 Created Debate The left has created a Trump that doesn't exist
5 Created Debate Why the left is about to get destroyed in elections
5 Created Debate Believing reality wasn't created is childish
5 Created Debate 31,000 scientists declare climate change a hoax
5 Created Debate 500 state troopers respond to Texas-Mexico border to meet migrant caravan
1 Added Argument Cory Booker invented dealer friend who threatened his life 2 boost public appeal
1 Added Argument Should we trust banks
2 Added Argument Right wingers think we're at peace.. But, whatabout Iraq and Afghanistan?
5 Created Debate If illegals are using 30 foot ladders and tunnels, how do we not have a crisis?
3 Added Argument Trump says walls work. I say they work, UNLESS you have a ladder or a tunnel
2 Added Argument If white privilege exists, why do libs pretend to not be white?
1 Added Argument Proof that my solution for Global Warming is viable
1 Added Argument Humans are Genetically “Tribal”
1 Added Argument The left DOMINATES print & tv. The right DOMINATES talk radio. Even steven, right?
5 Created Debate If you have no fear of foreigners, why are you so afraid of Russia affecting elections?
1 Added Argument There is no free will, if you are successful it's not because of your choices
1 Added Argument Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is extremely intelligent and informed

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