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LaughingDog's Reward Points: 46

Points When What Where
3 Created Debate If the father can't afford the baby, should he be able to abort it against mother's will
1 Created Debate Are Clarence Thomas, Condoleezza Rice, Allen West, not articulate & clean
1 Added Argument This is why Republicans despise the left
2 Created Debate The false narratives that the Democrats have created
1 Added Argument As liberals flee the Democratic Party, Excon will go down with the ship?
2 Added Argument I'm fine with teaching lgbtq ideology to kids in school if Bible is taught too
1 Added Argument What's with the push to lable all libs as pedophiles?
2 Added Argument How long are we gonna cower in the face of Putin's nukes? We have nukes too.
1 Added Argument RNC calls THIS Legitimate Political Discourse. Is it?
1 Created Debate What were the results of the left's lockdowns in your opinion?
1 Added Argument Marijuana legalization was voted on in four states dominated by Republicans. How'd it do?
1 Added Argument Is all immigration good all of the time?

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