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LichPotato's Reward Points: 362

Points When What Where
10 Added Argument Theism is Inherently Self-Contradictory
5 Created Debate Theism is Inherently Self-Contradictory
1 Added Argument Women and Men will never be equal
1 Added Argument Logical Quagmire #22: How Can We Have A Democracy If There Is A Leader?
1 Added Argument Trump is gonna start a war on North Korea, on Iran, on drugs, on the media, and on science
5 Added Argument I Won't Lie. I Find Conservatism Abhorrently And Offensively Stupid.
3 Added Argument Muslim/Islam have won their stereotype of being terrorists. How far do you agree?
3 Added Argument Is it ethical to eat meat?
1 Added Argument I'm still waiting for one Progressive on this site to address State sponsered hate speech.
5 Added Argument Religion breeds ignorance and impedes progress
2 Added Argument Direct Democracy or Representative Democracy
1 Added Argument Video Games or Books

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