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LichPotato's Reward Points: 362

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument The world is better off if the US just leaves the Paris Agreement
1 Added Argument Is there LIFE in the Universe? Arithmetic says YES.
3 Added Argument Is this universe created by solely natural processes?
1 Added Argument The Ninth Amendment says we HAVE rights beyond those listed. What could they be?
1 Added Argument Pornography is a legal drug.
1 Added Argument Is there a material difference between a fire in your house, and a fire in your body?
1 Added Argument If we spent a LOT to cure cancer NOW, how much would we SAVE later??
1 Added Argument If you were in charge of designing people, would you design them to pass gas?
1 Added Argument All wars are religiously motivated
6 Added Argument Can your view of religion withstand scrutiny?
5 Created Debate A Thought Regarding Logic
1 Added Argument Can anything be "unimaginable"?
1 Added Argument Healthcare - Right Or Privilege
5 Added Argument All wars are religiously motivated
3 Added Argument Should McDonald's start serving McNuggets with real chicken?
6 Added Argument If Islam means "submission to the will of god".....
3 Added Argument Is There Really a Distinction Between Humans and Nonhumans?
1 Added Argument I'm probably gonna DIE in the streets. You will too.
1 Added Argument Make more admins or moderators!
1 Added Argument When Trump KILLS democracy, are you gonna lay down, or join the resistance?
1 Added Argument should disabled be annihulated
1 Added Argument Are all humans born evil?
0 Added Argument God does exist.
10 Added Argument Show me ONE scientific fact that supports the theory of evolution.

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