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1 Added Argument Harvard Research Says U.S. Christianity Is Not Shrinking, But Growing
1 Added Argument Bernie Sanders for POTUS?
1 Added Argument Donald Trump is About As Inspiring As A Burning Pile of Trash
1 Added Argument Hillary Clinton is as inspiring as a slow moving snail.
1 Added Argument I'm joining the Republican Party as a moderate.
1 Added Argument Dems want the Government to shut down because this is their only hope of slowing economy.
-1 Downvoted Argument Are black people less intelligent than whites on average due to their genes?
1 Added Argument Why do you think Robin Williams opted out of life
2 Added Argument Satanist sues to remove God from cuyrrency.
1 Added Argument Satanist sues to remove God from cuyrrency.
1 Added Argument Abusive Cop: Pastor Shut Down Officer
0 Added Argument Doug Jones victory over Roy Moore - I'm not sure I'm ok with it
1 Added Argument What are you?
1 Added Argument Train Moral Dilemma
1 Added Argument Is there any difference in the objectivity shown by Fox News/Breitbart v. CNN/HuffPo?
1 Added Argument Universities Should Provide Safe Spaces and Trigger Warnings for Students
1 Added Argument Are Liberals Stifling Intellectual Diversity on Campus?
1 Added Argument The number one reason we should never give up our guns.
1 Added Argument Are there more than two genders?
1 Added Argument I'm resetting my ban list to just a couple people who refused to be honest or non vulgar.
1 Added Argument Should being using a secure connection?
0 Added Argument Can Bronto really see my IP address?
0 Added Argument There's so little intelligent conversation here, I think I'm done with this site.
1 Added Argument Donald Trump Or Hillary Clinton

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