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Logically's Reward Points: 191

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Should torture be abolished?
2 Added Argument Thoughts on Andy being ugly AF?
1 Added Argument Mingiwuwu has wet dreams about Nicki Minaj
1 Added Argument TheMask is a low, sick, lying piece of crap.
1 Added Argument Should people own our own meat?
3 Added Argument How many advanced civilizations are in the milky way?
2 Added Argument an 8 years old girl gang rape and murder trigger new outrage over india rape culture
0 Added Argument Niggers and spics should be sterilized
2 Added Argument Does God exist?
1 Added Argument Can Artificial Intelligence defeat Humans at debate?
0 Added Argument Humanity would have gone extinct 100 times by now if only black people existed.
5 Created Debate Why did CD owner release "new rules", but isn't upholding them?
1 Added Argument Animal Welfare
5 Created Debate Does the US educational system need a full rework?
2 Added Argument Is this Fake History?
1 Added Argument So, you wanna discuss traffic enforcement, huh? Ok, so what's your speed limit?
1 Added Argument Is God justice?
1 Added Argument There Is Only One Type Of Person Who Wants To Own A Firearm
1 Added Argument School Shootings: The 'Elephant in the Room'
5 Created Debate Is eating meat unethical?
0 Created Debate Is eating meat unethical?
1 Added Argument Should a person who has a service animal have to prove the necessity for it?
4 Added Argument Opinions on Three Strikes laws?
5 Created Debate Opinions on Three Strikes laws?

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