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MKIced's Reward Points: 2510

Points When What Where
1 High Rated Argument Most memorable person in history ?
1 Added Argument ANTIFA officially labeled a terrorist organization
1 Added Argument Should George Floyd's killer get the death penalty?
1 Added Argument Republicans have declared war on Twitter
1 Added Argument Can you show that the Floyd murder was racially motivated?
1 Added Argument Why Are Americans So Disproportionately Stupid?
1 Added Argument Are Americans overreacting about Coronavirus?
0 Added Argument Trump donates salary to help fight Coronavirus
1 Added Argument You need to go to college is a scam
1 Added Argument Will you follow the rules?
1 Added Argument Is it still Obama's economy?
1 Added Argument Prove to me that babies have a gender when born

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