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Mangojuice's Reward Points: 77

Points When What Where
5 Created Debate Trump now most acquitted President in history
3 Created Debate The left has created a world where men win women's sports
5 Created Debate When Communism wins over the West, women's rights will be gone forever
5 Created Debate Government should provide guns as free healthcare protection
1 Created Debate Can the enemy of my enemy really be my friend if we weren't friends before?
5 Created Debate Obama warned you.
2 Created Debate Only a leftist could call unarmed an insurrection & armed a peaceful protest
1 Added Argument I'm angry today - I'm looking for someone to fight with so I can verbally abuse them
0 Added Argument I just kicked cancers ass!
-1 Downvoted Argument Gas prices going up, up, up. You voted for it. Enjoy.
1 Added Argument Gas prices going up, up, up. You voted for it. Enjoy.
2 Created Debate While the left bans books, censors his son, and targets Jewish synagogues, Excon...
5 Created Debate Burritolunch has a woody thinking about Hitler and Cuomo going after Jews
5 Created Debate Leftist politicians told u when & what u could do, & u took it like a bitch
1 Created Debate The Squad all minorities trashing white patriarchy. Then all marry white dudes
3 Created Debate Left said Trump's SCOTUS picks would upend abortion. Never even almost happened
1 Created Debate ANTIFA destroys Democrat headquarters in Portland
5 Created Debate Biden's Covid death count is now at 4,385
1 Created Debate No Keystone Pipeline. The price of virtue signaling is expensive.
1 Created Debate CDC now says to test differently because most positives were false
1 Created Debate Left went from #resist to resisting is treason
2 Created Debate Right's speech is kryptonite to the left. Left's speech isn't kryptonite to the right
2 Created Debate The Alinskyites "takeover" of the capitol was their most peaceful protest this year
5 Created Debate ANTIFA, who doesn't use guns amongst those caught at capitol.

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