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Mangojuice's Reward Points: 26

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1 Created Debate Left went from #resist to resisting is treason
2 Created Debate Right's speech is kryptonite to the left. Left's speech isn't kryptonite to the right
2 Created Debate The Alinskyites "takeover" of the capitol was their most peaceful protest this year
5 Created Debate ANTIFA, who doesn't use guns amongst those caught at capitol.
3 Created Debate I'll trade you universal healthcare for you being required to run and workout
3 Created Debate If Covid kills fat people, is body positivity killing people?
2 Created Debate The biggest form of revolution is self reliance
2 Created Debate Idividualism isn't Fascism. Collectivism is Fascism. Individualism is opposite of Fascism.
1 Added Argument Commies say burn it down while critisizing "insurrection"
5 Created Debate Commies say burn it down while critisizing "insurrection"

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