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5 Created Debate Why do atheists on this site want to argue with other atheists about the existence of God?
5 Added Argument Is life believing in God worth it
2 Added Argument Is life believing in God worth it
4 Added Argument Is it alright to make a bunch of jokes about Obama now?
1 Added Argument Was Jesus God's kid?
1 Added Argument Is There A Way Atheists & Believers to Come Together?
4 Added Argument God doesn't love us.
1 Added Argument Should God be used in scientific debates?
1 Added Argument With The Existence Of An Omniscient God, Do We Really have Free-Will???
1 Added Argument Do you believe in God?
5 Added Argument Signs of God in DNA
2 Added Argument How can gay marriage hurt any one?
1 Added Argument Would you sooner let your faith rest with science or God?
5 Added Argument Do God's Exist?
1 Added Argument Does God really Exist???

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