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MexicanFood's Reward Points: 30

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5 Created Debate Democrats' totalitarian attempts to cancel everyone is making everyone stronger
0 Added Argument Should those insisting on working only from home have their saleries reduced?
2 Added Argument The Nazis killed Conservatives.
4 Created Debate The Nazis killed Conservatives.
1 Added Argument The Role Of The Conservative Elite In The Nazi Rise To Power
5 Created Debate If a Democrat attacks others based solely on race is it left or right wing?
5 Created Debate If a black person calls Jews a subspecies, is it racism?
0 Created Debate White left has tricked blacks into backing Communism under guise of civil rights
1 Created Debate The modern left is pushing straight into Hitlerianism and Fascism
4 Added Argument Blacks are supporting white supremacist Communists unknowingly
1 Added Argument White uneducated men LOVE Trump. White educated men HATE him.
1 Added Argument Does Trump Have a High IQ?
1 Added Argument The anti HCQ study is now fake news, so Trump was right??!

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