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Mint_tea's Reward Points: 4597

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Should cheetahs be allowed to run in the olympics if they identify as people?
3 Added Argument The 'DUCK' is dead, long live the Duck.
1 Added Argument So, why DO people do drugs?
3 Added Argument Is the United States breaking up before our eyes?
0 Added Argument I'm all but gone from Create Debate so this is me saying so long
5 Added Argument It’s a great day to be American
2 Added Argument What do you think of Joe Biden falling down?
5 Added Argument 2 mass shootings within a week is a sign the U.S. is getting back to normal
1 Added Argument Are dogs better pets than cats?
1 Added Argument Should hate be regulated or punished
3 Added Argument What do you think of Joe Biden falling down?
1 Added Argument Why are Americans so obsessed with Racism?
2 Added Argument The left fear the return of Trump as much as demons fear the return of Christ
5 Added Argument Cigars, Bourbon, Guns & Freedom
1 Added Argument Should the children of criminals be given the death sentance
2 Added Argument Where's BurritoLunch? +More people who haven't logged on.
3 Added Argument Who is willing to get the Covid Vaccine?
1 Added Argument Is this raw racism?;- Coca Cola tells it employees to ''try to be less white''.
1 Added Argument Marching With Symbols of Hate?
1 Added Argument Vandals Target Home Of Trump Impeachment Lawyer
1 Added Argument What was the the main contributory factor in Trump's downfall?
3 Added Argument Is a flying car still a car, or is it an airplane?
1 Added Argument Biden still hasn't tried to repeal Trump's tax cuts that you said were just for rich
1 Added Argument Guys, Screech From Saved By The Bell Died

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