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2 Added Argument Humans are not Apex Predators
1 Added Argument Do you worrying about gender pronouns and cultural appropriation?
4 Added Argument Have you noticed that women with big boobs always seem to be smiling?
1 Added Argument New evidence proves that the Vikings discovered America before Columbus.
1 Added Argument Who hates who the most? The libs hating right wingers, or right wingers hating the libs?
1 Added Argument Is there anything wrong with changing how you act depending on the environment or crowd?
1 Added Argument Should United Airlines sack the 300 non-vaxer staff members?
1 Added Argument The media is trying to start a civil war, but why?
1 Added Argument The question is, If Biden is the best the Dems have, what are the rest like?
1 Added Argument Who should replace Donald Trump as leader of the Republican Party?
1 Added Argument Trumps website CANCELLS Muslims. I thought they didn't BELIEVE in cancel culture. Bwa, ha
1 Added Argument Al’s here. Whoopdido
1 Added Argument If you refuse the vaccine, should your insurance company refuse treatment if you get Covid
1 Added Argument Is the left wing AGENDA to get EVERYONE vaccinated?
2 Added Argument Leftists attack Democrat Muslims for being anti LGBTQ
2 Added Argument Why is a belief in science declining in right wingers, and ascending with the left?
2 Added Argument Why is a belief in science declining in right wingers, and ascending with the left?
2 Added Argument Is the right just there for the left to scapegoat away from their own failed system
1 Added Argument If the Biden admin works with Facebook, how can they legally censor anyone
1 Added Argument Why does Excon respond bwahahaha every time he's clearly proven wrong?
1 Added Argument While preaching diversity, Don Lemon lives in one of the whitest places on Earth
1 Added Argument Does Hollywood promote the homosexual lifestlye?
3 Added Argument Why did Kamala Harris think that people could stomach eating her face?
1 Added Argument Is Starbucks smart to exploit leftists stupid enough to buy a $10 cup of coffee

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