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Nicephorus's Reward Points: 110

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1 Added Argument A big, fat NO! on KS abortion referendum
1 Added Argument Where is the media outrage as Biden builds Trump's wall?
2 Added Argument Media admits there's no evidence to charge Trump of any crime on Jan 6th
1 Added Argument Where is the media outrage as Biden builds Trump's wall?
5 Created Debate Kids on youtube and IG Live snitching on their liberal parents grooming them
1 Created Debate Libs can't use Trump will tank the economy or get us into a war in 2024
1 Added Argument If Democrats are way more depressed, why should I be a Democrat?
1 Added Argument I mentioned before that right wing women HAVE wombs too. Does it bear repeating?
1 Added Argument Biden admits we're where the Republicans warned you about. We're out of money
5 Created Debate If you saw video of a teacher teaching Christianity in class would you be okay with it?
1 Added Argument There are only 2dems I have seen Excon trash. Both are black
1 Added Argument Interested in the opinion of Excon on this
1 Added Argument This is why the left wants to destroy marriage
2 Added Argument This accurately describes the modern left
7 Added Argument Should we put cameras in classrooms as we do police cars?
1 Added Argument Do you believe the January 6, hearings will be widely viewed?
3 Created Debate Man files for bankruptcy on student loans. Left blocks it
1 Created Debate The left admits they committed insurrection for 4 years
3 Created Debate Would the left be mad if the truckers protesting put BLM on their trucks?
3 Created Debate If you have to fake hate crimes by your opponent they are morally superior to you
1 Created Debate Would Democrats protect big pharma if they were getting money from them?
2 Created Debate Does any world government have clones harvested for organs?
5 Created Debate Why do Republicans want brown Cuban refugees and Democrats don't?
3 Created Debate Now we have Monkeypox. Shut down again or go on about our lives?

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