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Nicephorus's Reward Points: 210

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument What's worse?
1 Added Argument Should America, and its allies invade Saudi Arabia and take control of OUR oil?
1 Created Debate If someone does something bad to you, are you justified to do something bad back
1 Added Argument Judge Releases Dominion Audit Report: Designed to Create Systemic Fraud
1 Added Argument Are our anti-drug efforts being misdirected?
1 Added Argument From unhappy liberal to happy conservative. What changed?
5 Created Debate Trump losing was a gift because everyone gets to see the Democrats govern
2 Added Argument Would we all miss Biden's hilarious gaffes if he had to stand down?
5 Created Debate Nancy Pelosi shows us what Democrats really are
1 Created Debate In attempt to attack the right, Excon claims Biden has committed felonies
2 Added Argument Explain why migrants being shipped to liberal sanctuary areas is a bad thing
1 Added Argument Leftists love using disinformation to make the opposing right wingers look bad
1 Created Debate Black woman describes why the left is a death cult
1 Added Argument Does Christianity have corrupt beginnings such as scamevengalist Marjae Mor? Nah
1 Created Debate Left had outside midterm chance, then they rejected migrants
1 Created Debate Real Liberals can see what their party has become
1 Added Argument Is it Trump you love or is it MAGA?
5 Created Debate What does a civil war in America today actually look like?
1 Added Argument What do MAGA people miss about a civil war??
1 Created Debate The billionaires think you're this dumb, and you are
2 Created Debate Left went from defund the police to loving the FBI and no knock raids
1 Created Debate If the left wasn't weoponizing the DOJ and the FBI, they could say they weren't
1 Created Debate Rep. Greene files articles of impeachment against Attorney General Garland
2 Added Argument Left caves to far right theocracies in Middle East over gay movie scenes

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