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Nick91983's Reward Points: 269

Points When What Where
4 High Rated Argument God Is Evil
1 High Rated Argument Christians and Atheists: What made you believe what you believe?
1 Added Argument Is racism natural?
2 Added Argument Is a competitive environment good or bad?
1 Added Argument Should building's which have been in history for centuries be able to be knocked down
1 Added Argument life is not fair
2 Added Argument For or against suicide?
3 Added Argument Spanking
1 Added Argument An Atheist family will probably let their children choose...
1 Added Argument Which Dog Is The Best
1 Added Argument Favorite Cereal Character?
1 Added Argument Paedophilia debate, please convince me.
1 Added Argument Does equality have an intrinsic value for society?
1 Added Argument Should the American government lean towards atheism and seperate church from state?
1 Added Argument What arguments should we all consider useless when it comes to theists vs atheists debates
1 Added Argument Being a solipsist is unreasonable.
1 Added Argument New Infrastructure
2 Created Debate New Infrastructure
1 Added Argument Is Patriotism Illogical?
1 Added Argument Can Artificial Intelligence ever catch up to the level of performance of the human brain?
1 Added Argument Is PS3 better than Xbox 360
3 Added Argument Terminators vs. Predators
1 Added Argument Do you believe god is real?
1 Added Argument Can anything be made the subject of a joke?

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