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NigerInnis's Reward Points: 114

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1 Created Debate BYU went to the libs bearing a gesture flag, receive bigotry and hate
2 Created Debate Black woman: why I left the left
1 Created Debate Left has now given us teachers like this
2 Created Debate The 2 people who Excon spats with the most are both not American
5 Created Debate If you don't want your 7 year old kid, should you be able to kill them legally?
1 Added Argument Abortion is wrong
1 Added Argument Abortion is wrong
1 Added Argument When Roe is gone, will a woman have to report the status of her womb to the cops?
4 Created Debate Excon defends Democrat positions from decades ago ignores their current positions
4 Added Argument A day in the life of my friend, Joe Republican
5 Created Debate Remembering when Republicans warned Dems about Russia and they laughed
1 Created Debate The establishment regained power, so back to war we go
5 Created Debate The libs took your jobs for 2 years but thank them for bringing some jobs back
1 Added Argument If a teenager identifies as being 70 should he/she be allowed to draw the pensio
5 Created Debate Censorship is the tool used when the lie loses its power
3 Created Debate Are empty shelves and ships stuck at port ''building back better''?
5 Created Debate If you can't question it, is it science or orthodoxy?
1 Added Argument Humans are not Apex Predators
1 Added Argument On Biden's orders, media begins obvious, propaganda campaign about the economy
1 Added Argument If you are $30 trillion in debt, is it responsible to keep spending more
1 Added Argument Can you imagine the uproar if Dopey Biden was BlacK?
5 Created Debate If Trump had left civilians to die, had ships sitting in ports and had empty shelves
1 Created Debate Build back better means empty shelves, expensive gas and massive inflation
1 Added Argument The vaccine mandate is a ploy to make rich pharmaceuticals richer

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