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NikkiHill11's Reward Points: 154

Points When What Where
1 High Rated Argument Are all professional sports rigged?
1 High Rated Argument Bud Light or Miller Lite
1 High Rated Argument Should Barack Obama be the next POTUS?
1 Added Argument Is the NBA rigged?
4 Created Debate Is the NBA rigged?
1 Added Argument Parents spanking their kids
1 Added Argument What is the best reason to vote Republican?
1 Added Argument Are you getting tired about religion related debates?
2 High Rated Argument Should Hillary Drop Out?
1 Added Argument I'm never gonna...
1 Added Argument Why do so many people passionately follow sports?
2 High Rated Argument Should abortion be legal?
1 Added Argument will the ufo extra terrestrial ufo alien spaceships be using our own airports ?
5 Created Debate Is the next Internet phenome"nom"?
1 Added Argument Have you ever used twitter?
2 Added Argument The best type of music...
1 Added Argument Have you ever used twitter?
1 Added Argument Women are not funny.
1 Added Argument What Are You a Fan Of?
1 Added Argument Shoutwire or Digg
1 Added Argument If I had a chance, I would take paternity leave.
5 Created Debate Clemens vs McCready: Sexual Relations?
1 Added Argument Which NFL team had the best draft?
1 Added Argument What will you give up first in a Recession?

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