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Niko's Reward Points: 127

Points When What Where
1 High Rated Argument Girls are better than boys
2 High Rated Argument What is homosexuality? Choice or Genetic
1 Added Argument Who the hell is Ismaila?
1 Added Argument Who the hell is Ismaila?
2 Added Argument Is the argument that assault rifles are necessary to protect against tyranny a lunatic ide
1 High Rated Argument Does free will exist?
1 Added Argument Should marriage be a legal union between just a man and a woman?
1 Added Argument Sex isn't that much of a big deal
1 Added Argument What is more important: Love or Money?
1 Added Argument Girls is better than Boys
1 Added Argument Do Women like guys without personality, without success, and without looks?
1 Added Argument Do You Think Rape Victims Still Have Their Virginity?

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