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NomLovesMarx's Reward Points: 359

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1 Added Argument When the left says the Republican Party has changed so much
1 Added Argument Why is lawlessness fostered on our southern border?
1 Added Argument Do blacks owe Republicans reparations for freeing the slaves with their blood
1 Added Argument Republicans should pick candidates based on how much they piss off the left
1 Added Argument I condemn the violence against the Capital, but let's be real.
1 Added Argument All Violent Video Games Should Be Banned (Taken away)
1 Added Argument Left trends racist slur about Tim Scott on Twitter
1 Added Argument Faith versus Logic
2 Added Argument Left hates religion because it doesn't make them God. Leftism does.
1 Added Argument Can you like someone of another race & view yourself as superior to them?
2 Added Argument Hate or don't hate - THAT is the question
2 Added Argument If the lord will not put a burden on you heavier than you can handle - then why are there
2 Added Argument Let's Hear It For Andy
1 Added Argument Should the children of criminals be given the death sentance
1 Added Argument Having a good 420 day?? No?? Still puting pot smokers in jail, huh? Is that good??
1 Added Argument Globalism
1 Added Argument License To Parent
1 Added Argument Should abortion be legal?
3 Added Argument The only person, place, or thing, you need to ask permission to think 4 yourself
1 Added Argument Is there a difference between taking a building in Seattle and taking the Capitol building
1 Added Argument Where's the outrage to all this LGBT hysteria and forced affirmative action?
2 Added Argument It was a hate crime until they found out the guy's name
2 Added Argument 1965 was GOOD to black people.. 2021 is gonna be BETTER
1 Added Argument Bill Maher says the left is bringing back segregation. He's right

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