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NormanL's Reward Points: 25

Points When What Where
5 Created Debate Can you really find out a candidate's views & positions before electing him?
1 Added Argument was Lincoln a good president?
0 Added Argument Is it possible for white America to be forgiven of their sins?
1 Added Argument Many atheists are intolerant.
1 Added Argument Have People Forgotten About Current Crisis's Just Because There Are Newer Things Going On?
1 Added Argument Schools and Companies should operate racial quota systems.
1 Added Argument Should the US cancel its plans for naval drills with South Korea?
1 Added Argument Confederate Flag
1 Added Argument Why do religions have such a morbid preoccupation with sex?
1 Created Debate Does Fox make race relations worse in America?"
1 Created Debate Is The NAACP Racist?
1 Created Debate Peak Oil Theory Valid?
5 Created Debate Confederate Flag
1 Created Debate Sons of Confederate Veterans
2 Added Argument Summer of recovery 2010
1 Added Argument President Obama suing the state of Arizona
1 Added Argument To help the economy, we should...

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