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OliverJDH's Reward Points: 131

Points When What Where
2 Added Argument Can you complete this question?
1 Added Argument homosexuality is an abomination
4 Added Argument Economics of the 1920's
5 Created Debate Is there a good reason to be an Atheist?
1 Added Argument to what extend do you agree that war contribute to progress?
1 Created Debate Keynes vs Hayek
1 Added Argument Can anyone show me a single error in the bible.
0 Added Argument Should recipients of welfare be drug tested?
1 High Rated Argument Is the homosexuality a disease?
1 Added Argument Is the homosexuality a disease?
1 Added Argument How do you think?
1 Added Argument What are the arguments against creationism?
6 Added Argument Should animals be killed to make fur clothing?
1 Added Argument If God is all Powerful
1 Added Argument WHY LIFE IS UNFAIR ??? Solution ?
2 Added Argument major in Philosophy is useless and meaningless ?
1 Added Argument What is the Purpose of Existence, and the Point of Life?
1 Added Argument What should be more important in politics?
1 Added Argument Can we all agree to use this picture when someone says something stupid?
2 Added Argument Empiricism vs Rationalism
1 Added Argument Anarchy is the only truly fair political/economic system
5 Created Debate Empiricism vs Rationalism
1 Added Argument Is Animal testing necessary?
0 Added Argument For or against Dr. Kent Hovind?

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