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Pessimist's Reward Points: 182

Points When What Where
3 Created Debate Plea Bargaining?
1 Added Argument What are your thoughts on this essay?
2 Added Argument If a child is compensated, what is the need for child labor laws?
2 Added Argument Does Socialism work?
1 Added Argument Is God good?
1 Added Argument Is the Endangered Species Act the worst piece of environmental legislation ever?
1 Added Argument What would you do with $15,000,000?
2 High Rated Argument Should we buy BP gasoline after the oil spill?
1 Added Argument Universal Human Rights...
1 Added Argument New Yorkers should allow that mosque to be built and then torch it to the ground
2 Added Argument Prayer Success Stories
1 Added Argument Free College Education or Free Healthcare?

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