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Phreekshow's Reward Points: 246

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Teacher Bans Students From Saying “God Bless You”!
1 Added Argument Is Fox News the most successful propaganda engine since Joseph Goebbels?
1 Added Argument What kinds of candy do you like?
3 Added Argument Should there be male Anglo American heritage/history month?
1 Added Argument Could a lot of grief had been avoided if the U.S. had created Israel in its borders?
1 Added Argument I'm going to go out on a limb and call 9/11 conspiracy theorists idiots
3 Added Argument Homosexuals being in the Military
3 Added Argument Do not read the bible, you might become an atheist
1 Added Argument Christian Yoga: Oxymoron?
3 Added Argument Is USA awesome or what ?
2 Added Argument We need etiquette in the world?
3 Added Argument Texas ends 'last meals' for death row inmates: Good Idea?
1 Created Debate Condoms should be available at schools!
2 Added Argument School uniform is a good idea
1 Added Argument Should people use guns to protect themselves?
3 Added Argument What Would a Good 11th Commandment Be?
1 Added Argument Should Airshows be Banned?
1 Added Argument Safe sex education in schools
1 Added Argument Is an evolution theory is true ?
2 Created Debate Should the Tea Party be allowed to have their own debates!
1 Added Argument If Allah is all powerful why is he so insecure?
1 Added Argument What if the Rapture were to really happen?
1 Added Argument Should People be Allowed to have Children before the age of Twenty?
1 Added Argument Should euthanasia be allowed?

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