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PotatoChip's Reward Points: 67

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Are social movements effective ways to pressure states into political change?
2 Created Debate If you believe the mainstream press, you are one stupid mother f-------
1 Added Argument What states would you be willing to give up in order to avoid civil war?
1 Created Debate Another-Alt is a more honest person than Excon
1 Added Argument Remembering when Excon said a right wing extremist attacked the Pelosi home
1 Added Argument Pfizer exec caught on tape saying they mutated COVID to make money
2 Created Debate You can see these liberals' heads exploding as they hear basic logic
3 Added Argument Republicans DEFUNDED the tax cops. Why? I don't like 'em, but I PAY my taxes.
1 Added Argument We Might Not Agree On Much Here, But I Think We Can All Agree ExCon Is A Piece Of Shit
1 Added Argument The left is ineffective at using the term "threat to democracy"
3 Added Argument If we had disarmed good guys, what was your plan to protect those kids
1 Added Argument Bumfuk becomes 20th largest city in the United States
3 Added Argument The government has Apache Helicopters. Gun nuts have AR-15's. Who's gonna win?
2 Added Argument Should we in America accept that our society is uncurably feral & uncivilized?
5 Created Debate Excon says he's here to protect America then hands it over to Joe Biden
2 Added Argument Did most of the Leftists on this site leave because they can't defend Biden?
2 Added Argument Has Joe Biden accomplished anything good?
1 Created Debate Dems say there's no such thing as a woman then has women's march
1 Created Debate Another topic not about the sky being made of cheese for Excon to ignore
5 Created Debate In countries that crack down on guns, other ways of killing continue to climb
5 Created Debate Facts Democrats ignore while proceding with their arguments anyway
1 Created Debate Democrats kill each other in the streets & pretend Republicans create gun violence
1 Added Argument Free speech??? What about Disney's right to free speech?
1 Added Argument Is it HARD to believe that a 17 year old would join the Navy??

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