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Rick_Zeta5A's Reward Points: 348

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Will you follow the rules?
1 Added Argument Is there is any way to eliminate human feces forever...?
1 Added Argument Is animal breeding forced rape?
1 Added Argument Do Atheists/agnostics have superior moral compasses?
1 Added Argument I Am Literally So Sick Of Bronto's Shilling
1 Added Argument Calling all atheists: How can explosions lead to a universe of infinite complexity?
1 Added Argument I used to BELIEVE Evangelicals EMBRACED piety.. But, their embrace of Trump BELIES that
0 Added Argument I think white people are weak cowards
1 Added Argument Libs don't care what you say, think or believe, but that you are in their way
2 Added Argument Did evolution actually take place?
1 Added Argument Why do atheists hate the Bible and real Christians?
1 Added Argument Is it evil to hate, or does it depend on what it is you hate?
2 Added Argument Why would you believe anything on faith?
1 Added Argument Who's the biggest wanker on the site
0 Added Argument The Biggest Troll On Create Debate Is Addltd.
1 Added Argument Is killing a cockroach murder?
1 Added Argument Evil Stalks The Internet And Its Name Is Brontoraptor
1 Added Argument Should I be put in a cage because I smoke marijuana?
1 Added Argument If you were God how would you have made the world?
1 Added Argument How do we solve the opiod crisis? More TREATMENT, or more PRISON??
2 Added Argument Can Science and Morality co-exist?
1 Added Argument Why do you go on Create Debate?
1 Added Argument How many ACTUAL genders are there??
1 Added Argument My dog knows what I'm feeling even when I show no physical signs of it

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