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SMCdeBater's Reward Points: 242

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1 High Rated Argument if someone realised they had superpowers would they use their powers for good or bad?
1 Added Argument That we should prohibit building homes in areas prone to natural disasters.
1 Added Argument Should the legal age to view pornography be lowered?
0 Created Debate Should we prohibit the building of homes in areas that are prone to natural disasters?
1 Added Argument Should teachers be able to force students to do things they don't want to do?
3 Created Debate What's Your Opinion on Qymosabi?
0 Added Argument Mega Dittos vs Qymosabi
1 Added Argument what should be the recommended age for this website
0 Created Debate Should Australia Reserve Seats in Parliament for Indigenous Australians?
1 Added Argument Modern music is contributing to the downfall of society.
0 Added Argument Is it time to put white people in a zoo with the other animals
6 Added Argument The Twilight Saga VS. Harry Potter? Whos better?
0 Added Argument Is white America Afraid they will not be able to survive without blacks?
0 Added Argument Why is it whites don't want to Bless black people like they do the Jews?
1 Added Argument Is Qymosabi a bigoted hypocrite?
1 Added Argument Is feminism still relevant?
1 Added Argument Has anyone else had strange advances made towards them on this site?
1 Added Argument Liberals: You don't agree with me, thus you are an idiot.
0 Created Debate Should the Australian police hold all Australian DNA on a National Database?
2 Added Argument If there were a Steroid League, would you watch it on tv? (any sport)
1 Added Argument Is the homosexual lifestyle better than the heterosexual lifestyle?
1 Added Argument Global Warming, Voice Your Honest Opinion
1 Added Argument Why Do People Say Thing That They Know Wont Come True
1 Added Argument That judges should be elected

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