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Saurbaby's Reward Points: 5579

Points When What Where
3 Added Argument Hello boys and girls!
1 Added Argument Is respect a right?
1 Added Argument Will you follow the rules?
5 Created Debate Hello boys and girls!
1 Added Argument Male vs female
1 Added Argument Should Parents or Fast-Food Restaurants Be Blamed For Growth in Obesity
1 High Rated Argument Should kids be paid for doing house chores?
1 High Rated Argument Do You Think That Nudism Should Be Accepted In Public?
1 High Rated Argument If Trump makes a run for the Presidency, who will win? Trump or Obama?
1 Added Argument Why Pokemon Go Failed
1 Added Argument If You Knew Then What You Know Now?
1 Added Argument When I die I want the aftermath to be like Gene Wilder's

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