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Slavedevice's Reward Points: 1393

Points When What Where
2 Added Argument Is antisemitism on the rise?
1 Added Argument What will the upcoming civil war look like?
2 Added Argument Humans Too Stupid For Democracy
5 Created Debate Humans Too Stupid For Democracy
1 Added Argument Should we teach that Nazism is just a thing, or that it's a BAD thing?
1 Added Argument Is it reasonable to believe in God?
5 Created Debate Will Capitalism End?
2 Added Argument What, in your opinion are the 3 top reasons why people take drugs.
1 Added Argument Has Biden done anything good for America?
1 Added Argument Conservative must be Christian?
5 Created Debate Conservative must be Christian?
1 Added Argument Health is Precious then Wealth
2 Added Argument Critical Race Theory is Hitlerian level racism
1 Added Argument Intelligence Test for Politicians
5 Created Debate Execute Stupid People
5 Created Debate Intelligence Test for Politicians
-1 Downvoted Argument who in the two is the true religion?
1 Added Argument Are Jews white people??
1 Added Argument Leftist Soros defector says they are intentionally trying to destroy cities & nations
1 Added Argument If you're an atheist and a friend invites you to church, are you allowed to go?
1 Added Argument Is sex a right?
1 Added Argument Is it cheaper to keep homeless people on the street, or provide houses for them?
1 Added Argument Should the 'unvaxed' be left to die of covid-19 in specially insulated quarantine cells?
1 Added Argument Orwell warned us about the modern left's dystopian nightmare

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