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Stephiscold's Reward Points: 32

Points When What Where
5 Created Debate You will all marry sluts and whores
1 Created Debate A full wallet doesn't feed her hungry guts
1 Created Debate Women are sexually attracted to unemotional men
5 Created Debate You must take the red pill. The red pill can save your life.
3 Added Argument Leftist Trevor Noah shows Democrats are Racist
2 Added Argument The most high promotes masculinity
4 Added Argument You don't understand female nature
5 Created Debate The most high promotes masculinity
1 Added Argument Does the God of the Bible, exist?
1 Added Argument Just Chilling With My Best Friend Folks!
3 Added Argument Nom gets owned via a simple fact check
1 Added Argument Still Right Here With My Best Friend Folks!

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