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SteveTurley's Reward Points: 23

Points When What Where
5 Created Debate Remembering when Excon said a right wing extremist attacked the Pelosi home
2 Created Debate Media melting down after Musk fires FBI official at Twitter, but why?
2 Created Debate Libs blame right for another LGBTQ attack. And again, the attacker was gay
1 Created Debate When the left says Christianity isn't being targeted in the US
1 Created Debate Lib boycotts ''Nazis'' by buying a car that was created by Hitler & the Nazis
4 Created Debate Are media supposed to demand you take vaccine or ask hard questions about it?
2 Created Debate NBC projects GOP will win the House
2 Created Debate A Bomb just Dropped that Spells Doom for Democrats
2 Created Debate Should a media outlet officially endorse a political candidate?
1 Created Debate The Paul Pelosi narrative has imploded
1 Created Debate Left melts down as Elon Musk's takeover of Twitter becomes official

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