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StickinStone's Reward Points: 649

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Which president do you consider to be the overall best president?
2 Added Argument Favorite and least favorite person to debate with?
2 Added Argument Can you prove a negative?
1 Added Argument What, if anything, is necessary ?
1 Added Argument What's the penalty for Theists if they're wrong?
5 Created Debate All my activity is scrambled. I never see new activity. Am I the only one?
1 Added Argument What's your best insult against me?
1 Added Argument Wartime Wages Act
1 Added Argument Is this a double standard?
2 Added Argument Would Libertarian fundamentalism be a good form of Govnerment
1 Added Argument Are laws actually needed?
1 Added Argument What, if anything, is necessary ?
5 Created Debate What, if anything, is necessary ?
1 Added Argument Abortion kills babies. NSFW
1 Added Argument List of things that should be prohibited, but aren't.
1 Added Argument Solutions to The World's Population Growth
1 Added Argument Parental Rights. Read description
5 Created Debate Parental Rights. Read description
1 Added Argument Series: Explain a quote #1
1 Added Argument Should the cash monetary system be abolished?
1 Added Argument Should the Murderer of a Pregnant Woman be Charged with Two Murders?
2 Added Argument What would happen if machines and technology provided for all basic human needs?
1 Added Argument This debate is dead :D
1 Added Argument Are religions hypocritical?

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