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3 Created Debate Biden builds more cages for kids. Media calls them overflow facilities
5 Created Debate The left censors the movie Kindergarten Cop. Too edgy for snowflakes
5 Created Debate Trump approval rises yet again.
5 Created Debate Biden considering a pro Castro cult follower for running mate
1 Created Debate Charlamagne the god spectacularly destroys Joe Biden
2 Created Debate The Seattle cringe fringe left begins to eat their own
2 Created Debate Cancel culture tries to cancel the term cancel culture
5 Created Debate Are Democrats afraid of letting Biden debate Trump
5 Created Debate How was Trump's Mount Rushmore speech 'divisive'?
1 Added Argument V shaped recovery as 4.8 million jobs gained
1 Added Argument V shaped recovery as 4.8 million jobs gained
1 Added Argument Shoud the US eliminate daylight saving time?
1 Added Argument Let ANTIFA destroy willfull leftist cities or stop them?
5 Created Debate V shaped recovery as 4.8 million jobs gained
4 Created Debate Wapo proves Trump right that worst cities are Democrat, then deletes the post
1 Created Debate Democrats not allowing school choice similar to when they didn't allow blacks to read
1 Created Debate Are liberals now okay with multi billionaires telling us what we can or cannot say?
1 Added Argument UN comes out in defense of ANTIFA
1 Added Argument If gun owners can't take on the government, how'd the Autonomous Zone happen?
1 Added Argument Trump admitted he is against the 1st amendment and freedom of speech
5 Created Debate Asymptomatic Covid patients RARELY spread to others WHO claims
1 Created Debate The Trump vs Biden debates are on
1 Added Argument While Trump blames antifa, a menacing far-right ‘boogaloo’ movement rises
5 Created Debate Communist wing of Democratic Party has intentionally pushed us into segregation

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