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StyxHexen's Reward Points: 166

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1 Added Argument Who all knew that the lefties would go gunning for Elon Musk, which they now are?
5 Created Debate Biden will pardon weed smokers, whoops nope, doesn't happen
3 Created Debate Dems promised debt forgiveness then whoops, nope right after mid terms
1 Created Debate Suburban women are strongly breaking towards the Republicans
2 Created Debate DHS has been using social media to censor, which is illegal on their part
5 Created Debate Biden says his son died in Iraq. Is it cognitive or is he just lying for attention?
5 Created Debate The FBI was looking for nuclear codes and/or secrets is a hoax
1 Created Debate Establishment terrified Trump will expose or stop their pay for play scam
3 Created Debate The left's January 6th hit piece has completely fallen apart
4 Created Debate Biden Education Dept blocks GOP bankruptcy relief for student debt
4 Created Debate It's okay to admit you got conned by Biden and the media
4 Created Debate The ''Voting Rights Act'' has nothing to do with voters rights
1 Added Argument Do you LOVE that Tucker Carlson tore Ted Cruz a new asshole?
2 Added Argument Economy so bad that Democrats pushing back state of the union 3 months
5 Created Debate Economy so bad that Democrats pushing back state of the union 3 months
1 Created Debate Losing jobs, then gaining some back is not job growth there Joe
5 Created Debate Covid paranoia is destroying lockdown states and cities
2 Created Debate AOC in damage control after caught partying maskless after preaching on masks
2 Created Debate Biden's economic approval worse than Carter's in the late 1970s
1 Created Debate Leftists defending Jussie Smolett, and their arguments are nonsensical
5 Created Debate On Biden's orders, media begins obvious, propaganda campaign about the economy
2 Added Argument Inflation hits 40 year high as economy crumbles under Democrats
1 Created Debate Excon not responding to debates means he sees what the media really is
0 Added Argument So, was anyone here aware that Jacob Blake is still alive?

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