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Sunset's Reward Points: 2024

Points When What Where
4 Created Debate Bullies-what can you do?
1 Added Argument Talking to yourself is fun!!
1 Added Argument Negative TV influence on children
1 Added Argument Is being fat bad?
1 Added Argument JOECAVALRY's obsessions with himself are funny
1 Added Argument I love myself
1 Added Argument Have You Ever Lost Your Cell Phone?
1 Added Argument Male VS Female
1 Added Argument Dumb people need to be feared more than the smart ones.
1 Added Argument Smoking Should Be Banned
1 Added Argument It's funny what other cultures consider to be sexy
1 Added Argument Should Lying to Get Out of Jury Duty Be Grounds for Arrest?
1 Added Argument 7 pick-up lines that will help you score, curtersy of your uncle joe
1 Added Argument Which pair of panties do you prefer
2 Added Argument My Shout-out Video. I apologize in advance...
-1 Downvoted Argument School should focus on grades,not creativity.
2 Added Argument Sum up any debater you like in three words.
1 Added Argument Are women excellent drivers
1 Added Argument Are women excellent drivers
1 Added Argument Can everyone control their temper?
2 Added Argument Are you male or female?
1 Added Argument Do You Have a Happy Dance? (George Takei Does)
3 High Rated Argument Should we say "swear" words in front of children?

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