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TaterOfTot's Reward Points: 40

Points When What Where
3 Added Argument Democrats running these colleges caught running another scam to get rich
4 Added Argument Should we whites use the science of Eugenics to maintain our racial superiority?
5 Created Debate Left is comfy with abortion because they don't have to look the victim in the ey
9 Added Argument Inflation hits 40 year high as economy crumbles under Democrats
3 Created Debate When Excon tried to defend left claiming right was the ones defunding the police
1 Added Argument Portland's whole crowed control unit resigns.
1 Added Argument Where is the fairness in biological men competing and winning in female sports?
5 Created Debate Why are Democrats stopping progress with masks and lockdowns
3 Created Debate Is clutching your pearls a virtue?
1 Added Argument BLM , Marxist leader buys multiple million dollar properties with donation money
1 Added Argument Media catch 22: Trump Fascist if he acts and incompetent if he doesn't
1 Added Argument Let Me Explain Briefly Why Capitalism Is Such A Bad Idea

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