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Th3ZViru5's Reward Points: 149

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument "Cooking With the Fuhrer!": Funny or Flop?
-1 Downvoted Argument Should evolution and intelligent design be taught side-by-side in the classroom?
1 Added Argument Smoking Should Be Banned
4 Added Argument Should marijuana be legal?
1 Added Argument Should George Zimmerman be arrested now?
1 Added Argument Should Lying to Get Out of Jury Duty Be Grounds for Arrest?
2 Added Argument For Creationists:
2 Added Argument Everyone on CreateDebate is.....
1 Added Argument I shit therefore, i am full of shit.
-1 Downvoted Argument Will you take the ObamaCare RFID chips?
1 Added Argument Sixth Grader Banned From School for Dyeing Her Hair Pink.
1 Added Argument Vibrating Tattoos.
1 Added Argument Moral dilemma: Did I do the right thing
4 Created Debate "Cooking With the Fuhrer!": Funny or Flop?
1 Added Argument LOOK > Is This Kid Painfully Realistic?
3 Added Argument Christianity or Atheism?
2 Added Argument Opinions needed, and you all are good at that ;)
8 Added Argument Christians: Do you think Jeffrey Dahmer went to Heaven?
2 Added Argument Another abortion debate, but with a little side story :)
5 Created Debate Christians: Do you think Jeffrey Dahmer went to Heaven?
-1 Downvoted Argument Christians and Atheists: What made you believe what you believe?
10 Added Argument If the Bible was made by God, why isn't it infinitely awesome and infinitely inspiring?
1 Added Argument Should Necrophilia be banned solely on moral standards?
1 Added Argument A troll's work is never done

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