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TheZoo's Reward Points: 24

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1 Added Argument Breaking: Bernie Sanders Campaign Slogan Leaked!
1 Added Argument Are you a real Christian if you are pro-abortion
1 Added Argument Why is Bronto currently obsessed with "alpha male pick up artist" bullshit?
1 Added Argument Leftist Steven Spielberg’s daughter is an "Amateur Porn Star"
1 Added Argument Bloomberg has fueled his campaign with millions from his own fortune
0 Added Argument Bernie Sanders is funneling campaign contributions 2 himself buying his own book
1 Added Argument Golden Oldies: Does God Exist?
1 Added Argument Alabama Sharpie thing identified as most important issue by 78% of voters
1 Added Argument Walmart discontinues auto part sales to prevent car accidents
1 Added Argument Apple mail to PST Converter
2 Added Argument This site was ruined because people actually enabled these vulgar hate filled idiots.
3 Created Debate Halloween Vs Christmas

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