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2 Created Debate Leftists now demanding defection from Democratic Party
1 Created Debate CHAZ ANTIFA kills kids in cold blood, holds people hostage
1 Created Debate Liberal livestreams that he's voting for Trump. Gets shut down by Facebook
1 Created Debate Leftist protester pulls out gun, and shoots driver driving by
1 Created Debate Leftist CHAZ shoots 16 year old kids driving, killing them
1 Created Debate Father of CHAZ victim demands the left use the National Guard to clear them out
5 Created Debate Left wing social media mass suspends Conservatives and Donald Trump
1 Created Debate Democrat city slammed with voter fraud, proving Trump was right
5 Created Debate Andy Ngo to testify against ANTIFA members in Congress
1 Created Debate Facebook has now run overt election interference
1 Created Debate Data suggests that if Democrats run an area, the area's crime rate is way higher
5 Created Debate Major companies are not advertising because the left will attempt to destroy them
4 Created Debate Capitalism will now come in & clean up after the Communist CHAZ
5 Created Debate Seattle loses billion dollar company over CHAZ unrest, real estate crumbling
3 Created Debate Would you take a vaccine from someone who says the Earth has too many people?
1 Created Debate NPR tries and fails to spin attack on driver 'far right wing extremism'
2 Created Debate Trump's rally views numbers are mindblowing
1 Created Debate AOC could lose her seat tomorrow.
5 Created Debate Will India and China go to war over water?
5 Created Debate UN comes out in defense of ANTIFA
2 Created Debate Professor warns Civil war is next step of civil unrest
1 Created Debate Jim Acosta is shocked after seeing himself in Trump meme. He thinks it's real?
4 Created Debate Blacks Lives Matter now fighting each other
2 Created Debate NBC News lobbied Google to ban Conservative news outlets, and they did

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