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3 Created Debate Bank records show Joe Biden implicated in Hunter's corruption with China
3 Created Debate Biden approval goes from bad to worse
2 Created Debate Biden approval tanks. People expressing regret for voting Democrat
4 Created Debate Leaked audio of Biden shows nothing he told us was true on Afghanistan
1 Created Debate Glenn Beck flies his own plane to Afghanistan in attempt to rescue people
5 Created Debate ABC does serious edits to make Biden seem more coherent
3 Created Debate Biden inflation causes wages to drop. Economy facing collapse.
3 Created Debate BLM calls for blacks only cities
5 Created Debate The FBI orchestrated the attempted kidnapping of Gretchin Whitmer
4 Created Debate George Floyd memorial destroyed by lightning
1 Created Debate Leftist teachers teaching children that white people are from the devil
1 Created Debate Biden administration pushes phone companies to block your private texts
5 Created Debate Illinois Democrat Congressperson says Hitler was right
4 Created Debate Biden embarrasses the US on global scale at G7 meeting of world leaders
5 Created Debate Media using stealth edits to change provably false headlines of Covid-19
5 Created Debate Liberal husband won't take off mask to eat or during sex
1 Created Debate Fauci admits funding Wuhan lab during Obama era that Covid-19 leaked from
5 Created Debate Leftists burning Jewish synagogues & beating Jews in the streets. Sound familiar
3 Created Debate Turns out cop at capitol riot later died of natural causes
5 Created Debate BLM , Marxist leader buys multiple million dollar properties with donation money
5 Created Debate CNN on tape celebrating Covid deaths
5 Created Debate Media admits Russian American soldier bounty hoax was false
5 Created Debate DC attacker was a black nationalist, Farakhan supporter
1 Created Debate Left says be less white

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