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5 Created Debate Media lies about Buffalo shooter as right wing. He's an open Communist
4 Created Debate Musk calls out left covering up Epstein. This is what they were worried about
3 Created Debate The left calls for revolution despite running almost all insitutions. Go for it.
1 Created Debate Same CNN that screamed about the 1st Amendment now wants speech regulations
1 Created Debate Ex CEO of McDonalds creats coalition to battle wokeness in corporations
1 Created Debate Left wants censorship laws now that not only they can censor
2 Created Debate Musk set to fire the entire administrative board of Twitter
1 Created Debate Now that left is losing they want section 230 regulation of social media
5 Created Debate Twitter sold to Elon Musk. Left in panic mode as free speech wins?
1 Created Debate Twitter so desperate to kill free speech that they take the suicide pill
1 Created Debate Polls that always skew left show Democrats getting destroyed in elections
5 Created Debate Democrats fleeing the party in massive numbers
2 Created Debate January 6th defendents found not guilty due to security letting them in on camera
1 Created Debate Maxine Waters tells the homeless to go home
4 Created Debate Biden caught in Ukraine biolab scandal
1 Created Debate Biden laptop is real, the billionaire owned media lied to your face
1 Created Debate Biden stole Trump's words and platform in insane State of the Union Address
2 Created Debate BLM activist attempts to assassinate Democrat candidate in Kentucky
1 Created Debate Left tried to censor Rogan. Rumble offers him $100 million dollars. Free speech
1 Created Debate Democrats panic over CNN scandal, Exposes media collusion with Democratic Party
1 Created Debate Facebook and GoFundMe going against the workers of the world united
2 Created Debate The left is practicing Fascism by definition
1 Created Debate Biden calls for censoring Rogan for allowing the creator of the vaccine to speak
4 Created Debate White liberals physically attack black man then yell black lives matter

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