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5 Created Debate Defense attorneys find FBI emails where they were ordered to destroy Jan 6 evidence
1 Created Debate Feds caught fabricating and destroying January 6 evidence
1 Created Debate Left stages largest terrorist attack on America since 9/11
1 Created Debate Hunter Biden admits emails and laptop are his
5 Created Debate Bernie Sanders charges $100 per person for anti Capitalism event
1 Created Debate Pfizer sold you the vaccine to a virus they admit they helped engineer
1 Created Debate At least 300,000 reported COVID deaths were not actually COVID deaths
1 Created Debate FDA says getting Pfizer shot and flu shot causes stroke
3 Created Debate Pfizer exec caught on tape saying they mutated COVID to make money
1 Created Debate Biden caught. Made shady deals with the Chinese government
3 Created Debate CDC investigating COVID vaccine links to strokes and heart attacks
5 Created Debate Many areas in America are filing for secession from the state they are in
5 Created Debate The Bidens are caught up in a money laundering scam with China and Ukraine
5 Created Debate Now that Biden is caught everything Trump did with classified documents is normal
1 Created Debate Person dressed as Easter Bunny pulls Biden away so he cannot answer media questi
1 Created Debate Dude who doxed Musk was posting private information. The media is lying again
5 Created Debate FBI demanded censorship of RSB network, targeted conservative media for censorship
1 Created Debate Mask cultist goes insane when unmasked man comes near him in unhinged video
1 Created Debate LA brings mask mandates back as the cult begins locking down again
2 Created Debate Gas stations in leftist areas forced to hire armed security guards
1 Created Debate Universal healthcare + ''financial constraints'' equals universal death care
1 Created Debate FBI agents were employed by Twitter. DHS met with Twitter regularly
4 Created Debate Police raid restaurant over COVID violation from two years ago
1 Added Argument You go shopping, the bank, the PO, have lunch and go home. How many cameras were you on?

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