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3 Created Debate Turns out cop at capitol riot later died of natural causes
5 Created Debate BLM , Marxist leader buys multiple million dollar properties with donation money
5 Created Debate CNN on tape celebrating Covid deaths
5 Created Debate Media admits Russian American soldier bounty hoax was false
5 Created Debate DC attacker was a black nationalist, Farakhan supporter
1 Created Debate Left says be less white
1 Added Argument CNN NBC paid leftist who stormed capitol. Media is funding what they call terror
5 Created Debate CNN NBC paid leftist who stormed capitol. Media is funding what they call terror
1 Created Debate NYT lies about Capitol officers death, then quietly retracts the story
5 Created Debate Democrats call for ''Truth Commission''
4 Created Debate Time magazine claims a 1% cabal conspired to stop Trump from winning
5 Created Debate Left wing media propaganda has you in a fake, North Korea level reality
1 Added Argument At first, they blamed ANTIFA for the riot. Now, they EMBRACE it. Said it was GOOD.
2 Created Debate AOC being roasted for lying about being at the capitol under seige
4 Created Debate CNN slammed for lying about wallstreetbets Gamestop rebellion. They are the 1%
3 Created Debate Burritolunch's Gang stalking mental illness is being used by the left for politics
5 Created Debate Democrats are enforcing insane human rights violations
1 Created Debate BLM arrested by feds for cutting police car break lines
1 Created Debate ANTIFA attack woman at her home
2 Created Debate Democrats pushed NYC into a death spiral as wealthy flee the city
3 Created Debate Trump is beating Democrats in swing states on voter registrations
2 Created Debate BLM leftists chased out of area by armed locals. Regular people say no more
3 Created Debate Both establishments are scrambling so Trump doesn't expose them
1 Created Debate Data proves Leftists are unhinged

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