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5 Created Debate Democrats are enforcing insane human rights violations
1 Created Debate BLM arrested by feds for cutting police car break lines
1 Created Debate ANTIFA attack woman at her home
2 Created Debate Democrats pushed NYC into a death spiral as wealthy flee the city
3 Created Debate Trump is beating Democrats in swing states on voter registrations
2 Created Debate BLM leftists chased out of area by armed locals. Regular people say no more
3 Created Debate Both establishments are scrambling so Trump doesn't expose them
1 Created Debate Data proves Leftists are unhinged
5 Created Debate BLM using mafia tactics against Cubans. Cubans rally against them
4 Created Debate BLM vandalize Cuban man's restaurant for not paying them to not vandalize him
4 Created Debate ANTIFA outed by his grandma. Turns out she is a Trump supporter.
5 Created Debate Nike lays off 500 employees, then donates $40 million to the left
1 Created Debate Trump smacks China straight across the face
1 Created Debate Seattle moves to abolish entire police force day after they find explosives
1 Created Debate It might be wise for Left wing media to get libel experts on staff
2 Created Debate White ANTIFA members calling black cops the N word to their faces
1 Added Argument Why would the left censor videos of doctors giving opinions on Covid 19?
5 Created Debate Why would the left censor videos of doctors giving opinions on Covid 19?
5 Created Debate The left cool with having guns, unless it's you
2 Created Debate Far left propaganda exposed. It's organized insurgency.
3 Created Debate Media is panicking as riots are backfiring on the Democratic Party
2 Created Debate Media lies about Trump and Portland are UNHINGED
2 Created Debate Left wing cities dying. Mass exodus from these cities occuring
4 Created Debate You can protest & to Walmart, but you cannot go to church or funerals
2 Created Debate Media lies about Trump and Portland. Proves they are the enemy of the people
4 Created Debate Video shows Antifa stabbing someone
5 Created Debate CNN mocks Trump's acuity test, then screw up on it live on tv
1 Created Debate Riots backfire on Democrats. Trump approval soaring
4 Created Debate Redbull fires woke administrators for racism
5 Created Debate The left is canceling the left while the left cancels the left back
1 Created Debate Former Obama officials may be indicted, as Durham report nears its finish
4 Created Debate Black woman defaces BLM painting, gets arrested, goes back does it again
5 Created Debate Jesus Christ statue beheaded by far left. You think Trump will lose to this?
1 Created Debate Is the Anti-Racism Training Industry Just Peddling White Supremacy?
1 Created Debate Did Joe Biden make his biggest election mistake so far concerning energy jobs?
5 Created Debate Unmarked Fed agents are pulling up to ANTIFA members and black bagging them. Gone.
3 Created Debate Trump's secret weapon is the left and cancel culture
2 Created Debate Leftist elites are panicking as cancel culture comes to their door
1 Created Debate Defund the police is backfiring in an absurd degree. Crime is worse than ever
1 Created Debate Mail in voting backfires on Democrats, thousands of minority votes rejected
5 Created Debate NBA won't let you put Free Hong Kong on your custom jersey
5 Created Debate Leftists destroy Virgin Mary statue and burn 3 churches
3 Created Debate New media lie: Trump is putting out Nazi symbols, except that he isn't
5 Created Debate Blue Lives Matter marches breaking out on a large scale en mass
1 Created Debate Hollywood staff panic now that woke left hire them
1 Created Debate Justice fades and leftist morality policing arises in leftist cities
1 Created Debate BLM protester shoots woman for saying all lives matter. Media tries to cover it up
3 Created Debate Mailman pleads guilty to mail fraud, cat gets voter registration in mail

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