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TrailorTrash's Reward Points: 62

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument The political struggle of Excon
1 Added Argument Remembering those who gave everything
1 Added Argument Biden revealed decades ago & how a more honest media covered it
5 Created Debate A guy I know's son ended his life due to isolation from the lockdown
5 Created Debate Why are there never 'USA' chants at Democratic events?
5 Created Debate While businesses go out of business daily, Pelosi is at home eating icecream
-1 Downvoted Argument Pro-Lifers: Please explain how you would enforce an abortion ban
4 Created Debate In an earlier debate, Burritolunch described Nazism as Socialism
1 Created Debate CNN is pretending like Chris Cuomo is locked in quarantine in his house. He isn't.
1 Created Debate WHO January tweet saying no human to human transmission of coronavirus
3 Added Argument Just Look At What This Goddamned Idiot Has Done This Time
5 Created Debate Trump Administration First In History To Label A White Supremacist Group Terrorists
2 Added Argument A look back at pre Coronavirus
5 Created Debate A look back at pre Coronavirus
1 Created Debate If u were stranded on island with mutants would u have sex with them eventually
1 Added Argument What is the best fruit to use as catapult ammunition? (my answer is durian fruit)
1 Added Argument Wealthy NYC businesses board up their stores to defend against civil unrest
2 Added Argument We know something nefarious was happening prior to Coronavirus
5 Created Debate We know something nefarious was happening prior to Coronavirus
5 Created Debate Nom says Trump's golfing. He's live on tv giving a press conference in a suit
1 Added Argument Here's Burritolunch on youtube for you to each see how simple minded he is
1 Created Debate I'm glad Trump ignored media saying his China travel ban was bad
3 Created Debate Left wing media said the flu was worse than caronavirus and got people killed
1 Added Argument Trump Will Be Remembered For His Failure To Keep Americans Safe

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