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1 Added Argument The FBI orchestrated the attempted kidnapping of Gretchin Whitmer
1 Added Argument Why did the left stop their big movement to stop anti Asian hate crimes?
2 Added Argument Liberal author censored over questioning Fauci
1 Added Argument Is the vaccine you took FDA approved? Would it matter?
1 Added Argument If church's preach politics, should they LOSE their tax exemption?
2 Created Debate Gay Men's Chorus faces backlash for 'we're coming for your children' video
1 Added Argument Should the failed coup d'État be examined?
5 Created Debate Does the left care about racism, or is it just a political weapon?
1 Added Argument Is Lori Lightfoot a racist?
1 Created Debate Far right Democrats pushing for segregation
1 Added Argument Conservatives, Hitler and Trump
1 Added Argument ANTIFA outed by his grandma. Turns out she is a Trump supporter.
1 Added Argument Are you boycotting Goya foods' products because the left told you to?
3 Created Debate Listen to health experts or ignore health experts
2 Added Argument SHOCK election poll: Black Lives Matter protests will get Trump re-elected
1 Added Argument SHOCK election poll: Black Lives Matter protests will get Trump re-elected
1 Added Argument If you wanted to destroy NYC, would you do anything differently than Deblasio?
0 Added Argument Psychologist Mary Trump says uncle Donald is “the World’s Most Dangerous Man”
1 Created Debate This is how evil the left is
0 Added Argument I'm wondering why none of our resident Trumpers go to his SUPER SPREADER EVENTS?
0 Added Argument Can you just be semi gay? I think I'm semi gay
3 Added Argument Tucker Carlson floated as 2024 Presidential candidate for Republican Party
1 Added Argument Left wing social media mass suspends Conservatives and Donald Trump
2 Created Debate Are the left ignoring virus spikes to pivot to protecting protests?

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