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Troy8's Reward Points: 2431

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument The First GOP Debate
1 Added Argument What time do you usually sleep at?
1 Added Argument What is your religion?
5 Created Debate No One Cares Unless You're Pretty Or Dying
1 Added Argument What's the scores of your tests?
1 Added Argument Legalization of Recreational Use of Marijuana
1 Added Argument Ronda Rousey....For the Guys Only
1 Added Argument The United States should be isolationist?
1 Added Argument Downloading music illegally is alright?
5 Added Argument Housewives should be paid for their work?
1 Added Argument What would be the best thing someone gave you?
2 Added Argument What a shock, the Democrat party supports forcing businesses to pay $15 minimum wage!
1 Added Argument Are nuclear weapons good or bad?
1 Added Argument University Education should be free
3 Added Argument Should black people dress like Cecil the lion in case they get shot by a cop.
2 Added Argument Would you consider this prostitution?
1 Added Argument Give me some debate topic please.... :)
4 Created Debate Most Complex Movie You've Ever Seen?
1 Added Argument Should people have to shower daily
2 Added Argument Is American Society Becoming Better or Worse?
1 Added Argument Is Caitlyn making "normal" people more comfortable with transgender people?
1 Added Argument Religion a weapon of destruction or construction
1 Added Argument Instead of killing someone who has committed a terrible crime...
1 Added Argument sweets and soft drinks and fast foods

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