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Wartsauce's Reward Points: 73

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument The 1/6 hearing: This time, they'll NAIL Trump, and his right wing lap dogs.
5 Created Debate Why is the race baiting not working for Democrats anymore?
1 Created Debate The left has turned women into subpar men & men into subpar men. Subpar is all that's left
5 Created Debate Excon defends Disney despite sexual images in their children's movies
1 Added Argument The left has admitted there is no cult of Trump & there isn't
1 Added Argument How bad does your party have to be to be polled to lose to the Republicans?
2 Created Debate Bill Maher correctly sums up what the left has become
5 Created Debate How would the Democrats respond if Trump had been as bad as Biden?
1 Added Argument The libs took your jobs for 2 years but thank them for bringing some jobs back
1 Created Debate The left wants you to focus on Trump when they can't even get food on the shelf
1 Added Argument Republicans found Trump innocent twice. This time he's gonna be tried by all Americans.
1 Added Argument Remember when the left warned us that the right would use a virus to control you

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