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1 Added Argument Difference Between Liberals & Conservatives
1 Added Argument King Jesus VS King Dick Dawkins
6 Added Argument Should The Boy Scouts OF America Let Atheist In?
2 Created Debate Is this fake?
1 Added Argument Hi I'm new here, and I want to sharre the word of JESUS with you!
1 Added Argument Freedom of speech is secondary to human rights.
1 Added Argument Is There Any Evidence That Jesus Christ Ever Existed at All From a Historic Perspective.
1 Added Argument Suicide, is it Selfish?
1 Added Argument Separation of Church & State: Exempt From Laws, or Equal to Any Other Organization?
1 Added Argument Theism > Atheism
1 Added Argument Those on the Left ignore their own belief system of evolution, why do you suppose that is?
2 Added Argument Should government decisions be based on...
2 Added Argument Is democracy better than dictatorship
1 Added Argument Is it right to ban a certain religion from a country?
1 Added Argument Prisoners in Guantanamo Bay should be released after found "not guilty".
1 Added Argument Separation of Church and State ??
1 Added Argument Why would you ever agree that muslims ARE terrorists when they are NOT!
1 Added Argument Africans Should Be Ashamed for Having Sold Their Fellows into Slavery
1 Added Argument State Your Opinions on Banning People from Debates (with or without justification)
1 Added Argument The violent anti-democratic blacks have vindicated Trump's racial position.
1 Added Argument Are you responsible for things your ancestor did to cause harm
1 Added Argument Muslims V. Christians
1 Added Argument Muslims V. Christians
1 Added Argument Questions for Christians

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